Abigail Wilber

School Programs                  Yoga/Mindfulness         Empowerment Coaching


School Programs

Learn more about what programming is right for your school. I offer classes for K-12th, Staff Development, Staff Self-care, and Consultation. 


Yoga & mindfulness privates

I offer privates for adults, children, and families. My style of teaching adapts to the needs of the individual. 


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Empowerment coaching

What do you want for your life? What is your ideal vision for your life? Where are the areas that you feel stuck? Each coaching session we look at different areas of your life- relationships with self and others, relationship with your body, your emotional life, your relationship to money, and work. With curiosity, gentleness and self awareness we uncover where you limit yourself and where you wish you could be. You learn how to shift from where you limit yourself now to where you want to go and are equipped with the tools to make those changes.