Self-Care Practices

Creating healthy habits in response to stress


“Self-Care is the practice of taking loving action to improve your well-being, happiness and environment”- Lou Redmond

Self-care has become a luxury and not a priority in this country. Our society prides itself on productivity, busy-ness, and always being available to others for us to have a sense of worth.

Even when we are relaxing, what are we doing? Are we truly caring for ourselves? Or, are we just scrolling through social media? Bingeing on TV shows or movies? Napping because we are so tired? Do you feel nourished from this kind of relaxation? Or are you busy judging and comparing yourself to others and telling yourself what you should or shouldn’t be doing?

While these are all fun ways to pass the time, they aren’t good forms of self-care: they often leave us feeling empty. Self-care is about intentionally taking the time to value yourself and your well-being. This course teaches you in-the-moment practices to support your well-being when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out. You will learn how to “unpattern” your go-to habits that aren’t really nourishing you and to help create healthy patterns of support when you need it.

I'm excited to support people across the country using a live web-based course.  

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You will learn how to:

·      CONNECT TO YOURSELF                

·      REGULATE YOUR EMOTIONS                  


·      FOCUS        



 Course Details:  6 week course Monday nights, November 11th through December 16th, 2019 9:15-9:45pm EST/ 7:15-7:45pm MST

Cost: $90

This course teaches skills that increase resilience in the face of stress. Over 6 weeks you will learn to identify stressors in your life as well as in-the-moment practices to support your well-being. We will meet once a week online for 30 minutes. ALL SESSIONS ARE RECORDED AND AVAILABLE TO PARTICIPANTS WITHIN 24 HOURS FOLLOWING EACH SESSION. STUDENTS WILL BE ABLE TO STREAM RECORDINGS FOR 30 DAYS AFTER THE LAST COURSE SESSION.